From my lens .. 1.1.2019

From my lens… 
Things from the past, I will not drag into this year,
I live courageously without any fear,
I will laugh and smile and shed not useless tear,
There is so much more to this life,
I will collect the pieces with tender care,
Life is a blessing not a burden to bear,
Teardrops and hurt, will be send to dirt,
There is so much more to this life,
I choose to love, love unconditionally I must,
No give and take, No fair exchange,
No territories No boundaries, only pure love,
There is so much more to this life,
I sent to the fire, as it danced and flailed,
The tiny details, of my wishes unfulfilled,
To the ether they went, and peace prevailed,
There is so much more to this life,
I will do my part, I take responsibility,
I will give to Spirit to the best of my ability,
I will receive, healing and my wishes delivered,
They are already destined and already done,
I know Spirit is at work night and day,
Guiding me, holding me, nudging me,
Reminding me each passing moment,
There is so much more to this life!!!
Written by – Joy Sagar
Few photo from my lens summarizing the last few days of 2018 rolling into 2019. Making a choice for healthy habits. I know the benefits as I already have tested and tried these before.
Spirit has a divine timing, maybe not the way I want, but it happens for the highest purpose. Big Thank YOU to Spirit World of course. Gratitude for all great experiences, great folks I have met, great bonds of friendships that developed and more and more…
There is a picture below of a fire, where a Spirit form emerges, and while I took the picture the goosebumps prevailed. The Spirit was at play. It was wonderful.
Have a wonderful start to this fabulous new year.
My Best – Joy Sagar
Joy Sagar of Cassadaga

From my Lens…week 51 of 52

From my lens….

Hope you have had a beautiful work week & now you get to give your very best to last minute Holiday preparations…

Back home in India — This would be the time schools would close and having all working parents in the household, we did not even start to prepare for Christmas festivities until 3PM today… Oh boy! it would be a frenzy by now, all the neighborhood kids just waiting by this time for a “GO” signal from our home… We all divided it up to our skillset, decorating outside of the house with lights, decorating inside with streamers and balloons and ornaments (mostly created by us), some would just dust the altar at home… NO ONE cared what religion that kid had, WE WERE ALL ONE, the spirit was of bringing this wonderful most awaited celebration to its final stage was the goal as this was the last holiday of the year… and with this festival we all would have mingled as a community with each others festival and holidays sharing happily in blood, sweat, tears, sorrows and joys.

One stick cannot withstand the strength of a strong influence, when few sticks are added together they withstand the strong influences differently, yet represent irrefutable strength. Each stick has its own inherent strength and its own inherent weakness. We are no different than that, we are all precious and unique individuals, host to our own inherent weaknesses, gifts and strengths. When we represent community, we represent strength, we represent unity, we represent oneness, we represent respect, we represent acceptance, we welcome difference, we welcome alliance, we welcome allowance.

Community at the end of the day is important! We all can survive individually but to an extent. Nothing moves towards success without the spirit as a community. Even the Spirit World honors the essence of community. United we stand. Divided we fall.

As you open your gifts, feel through them, what did it take for the gift to make it to your hands, what joy it has been to others, how it allowed a sense of purpose and sustenances to those that were a part of the gift. Try not to quantify it, simply feel the energy it holds. Once you receive the gift, in that moment you have joined the community of hands it has passed through, now you have formed a relationship with everyone who was a part of this materialization of your gift. YOU are now a part of a COMMUNITY.

My wish for us is to say a prayer for our world as as a gift on Christmas, to see us all united and strong as a ONE community of Love, Peace & Harmony.

Joy Sagar
Joy Sagar of Cassadaga

What to do when you are up at 1:49AM and cannot seem to fall back to sleep?

What to do when you are up at 1:49AM and cannot seem to fall back to sleep?

  • Listen if there is a flow of inspiration.
  • Get out of bed.
  • Fix your morning beverage.
  • Pay attention.
  • Silence is often our bff, say hello to your deeper-self.

In my case, read a book, then write notes, then share…

Excerpt from the book .. “The Gift of Healing” by Ambrose and Olga Worrall from Chapter 1 – Vision, page 23 (This was written in the year 1965.)

“In our healing work Olga and I report only what we have experienced, we admit, at once, that there is much that has happened. We know that we are dealing in largely unexplored, little understood areas, spiritual arenas, psychic forces.

Interpretations that may be put upon these experiences vary according to an individuals concepts and levels of thinking. The way in which any healing takes place is mysterious, and more so than in spiritual therapy. We do not know the actual mechanical and chemical agents and physical reactions called into play. We believe this is the field we must investigate, not only in private groups and healing rooms, not only in our churches and prayer cells, but equally through the laboratory, the test tube, the microscope.”

I add…

Olga & Ambrose Worrall worked with many visitors who came to seek their faculties of healing for many years. They never accepted patients or clients who refused to accept care from Physicians and modern medicine. They believe doctors and medicine to be an instruments of God’s Healing.

I believe this myself, we all compliment each other, and by doing so the healing do take place. At the end of the day, the gratitude received is not to our own glory but indeed to the higher divine sources that choose to work with us and those who seek.

There has been a lot of changes since then in the field of spiritual, energy healing. Much more has been discovered since then. Yet, truthfully the secret to Spiritual Healing is simple, yet undiscovered, undefinable, unmeasurable other than it is effective.

We are all natural-born healers. Some just do it with natural instincts of listening to ourselves and others, by exercising kindness and compassion towards each other, etc. Some just give in to the forces of life and tune it out, or become numb to their own sensory cues, life is too large.

Being a victim, can feel better, it allows us all to feel justified and let it be a reason to how we respond to it. Being a martyr can be a good feeling place too. However, there is always an even better feeling place within ourselves. We must tap into our deeper sensitive, feeling place and palpate what is our higher potential.

Within the higher realms of the Spirit World, there are Physicians, Educators, Healers, Councilors, Caregivers, Nursing Professionals, Trainers, and more available for our access, for our benefit, for our advantage.
Often, prayer is a good way to start the dialogue and follow the cues. Often, meditation is a good way to sit and receive the response for our questions or concerns. Often, taking massive action, resulting in change is just as beneficial as a small steps towards your own well-being.

Trust, is a significant part of the healing process. Trust, when an experience occurs in our lives, that it is there for a purpose. Often the purpose may not be relatable directly to us, often the purpose within it maybe something we need to learn first, then to share that experience to facilitate growth and change not only for ourselves but for others. Trust there is a higher purpose within everything.

Believe, is another aspect of healing process. Believe, everything always resolves in natural order, unless we interject our own motives and will, and convolude it. Our Mind or Brain and the firing of reasons within our psyche, and the desire or the want to often find meaning to everything, complicates the experience more than what it calls for. Believe, that everything is in divine order and it will resolve in a divine timing.

Receiving, is also a crucial part of healing process. Not everything that will come through as an inspiration or guidance will make sense at all times. This is where our ability to be in-tune with ourselves comes into play. Our body has a built in compass that is usually pretty accurate. It tells us to sleep, rest, eat, eliminate, absorb, laugh, grieve etc. in a natural organic manner. One must learn to receive the cues from this compass well.

Additionally, when we are given clues or suggestions to help ourselves, pay attention and listen and follow through to investigate the details. Receiving divine guidance is and always a blessing.

We are all divine beings. We are all related and representative of the same divine source in different tags, forms, shapes and sizes. Upon the closure of our human chapters, we remain to be a significant part of the same book.

Others gone before us have reminded us numerous times that, We are ONE. We are all in this together. We are all connected. 

Have a #TerrificTuesday! — Joy Sagar #JoyOfCassadaga

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From my lens .. 11.23.2018

From my lens…

Today was interesting .. had to fly or flow or roll with the life. Nice time spent looking for a bigger lens. These shots are from different lenses I was testing.

Guess what though? They all do the same job .. capture images and bring them closer to us.

In human life we may translate this and call this perspective. Does not matter where we stand in life, how big or small we are, what our status is, but we have the ability to lean on to get the perspective and then keep focusing and keep seeking clearer and clearer view.

I am learning, learning that not every time an object is in clear focus carries a beauty in it. I am learning, learning that often obscure and out of focus elements are fun to reflect upon. Such is life as well.

My learning process with photography is fun thus far. It is educational and self introspective. Often self reflection is being observed and all of a sudden I am in a state of nothingness. I notice my brain is completely suspended into a near blissful state of discovery of God’s Immaculate Creation. Within those moments I find that I become one with everything and anything while allowing everything and anything to become one with me.

I am honoring & dedicating this observation to my mentors and teachers, those that have inspired me to keep working on my skills, those that have shown me how to keep my perspective refreshed, those that have given me clarity, those that have believed in me, those that have offered me love and guidance. I am honored to have you as a irreplaceable part of my life story. I AM Grateful.

xo _ Joy Sagar

Joy Sagar — is a Certified Medium-Healer-Teacher from Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Cassadaga, FL. He enjoys speaking, writing about – Inspirational and Motivational subjects. Visit his website –

Travel Blog #St.Augustine FL

Well a surprise road trip to St. Augustine.
Streets were/are busting at the seems with people from everywhere, I mean everywhere. I wanted to visit few places, some I made it, some got lost in darklation (translation but in darkness of the night). Whoa I did catch the lights in the park. There were folks enacting the vintage era. Beautiful.
So I visit here, at the “Present Moment Cafe” and they put me in a corner, literally in a corner. Haha. Life is funny. It sure is. (Stating facts – not complaining). Oh! I have talked them into ending my detention. Ha! Now I am sitting at the bar. Nice.
Food was delicious as always. Macro Burger, side of fresh hummus, organic ginger root beer and grand finale of Chocolate Brownie with Cashew Ice Cream. Yummy! organic, vegan, raw food.
Few other discoveries were made by listening to my inner compass. A moment to catch myself from becoming an active communicator, instead staying put as an observer.
I was instantly reminded *** Nothing ever happens outside of the natural and spiritual laws. Life happens. Spiritual & Natural Laws are always operative and no one is exempt from them. Don’t you think that alone is a harbinger of eternal peace.
Sending my respect to the Creator and the Divine Order created by the Natural, Spiritual and Physical Laws. 🙌
Love & Peace — Joy Sagar

Joy Sagar is a Certified Medium, Healer and Teacher from Cassadaga, FL. He enjoys Inspirational Speaking and Spiritualist Conversations. Visit his website —

From my lens… 11.4.2018

From my lens …11.4.2018

It has been interesting times. One for learning from outside in and then inside out. Another for yearning without wanting.

Sleep has been a paramount focus lately. It ranks on one of the primary need for anyone and anything that requires sleep.

Concept:- Everything — I truly mean everything ‘except’ human beings respects the circadian rhythm. 


Here is why I say this. Plants go to work around the sunlight, nocturnal plants go to work with moonlight. Animals of all kinds go to play, hunt, gather, forage appropriate to their circadian patterns. They get to live their full life span almost free of any disruptions. Worrying is not their thing, you see. They know the sun will come out and sun will go down. They know what to do in between. Even the solar system follows their natural circadian pattern and move accordingly.

We as human beings are failing to respect the circadian rhythm thus so much challenge in our lives.

We are spending time in unitary spaces more and more now. We are giving leverage to busyness over balance. We are giving too much allegiance to quenching our thirst to the pursuits of feeling productive. Isn’t it so? But when do we ever feel as though we are caught up. There is always something that awaits us to steal our balance.

What happened to BALANCE? Balance among everything is important. Prime example is our physical body. Let it loose and be off-balance, it will do a number on you that will take some time to correct before it returns to balance.

“Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.” – Thomas Kinkade 

Balance and Boundaries could be synonyms maybe, maybe not. I feel they can be. Should we put this in practice and we get to see how healthy boundaries create healthy balance.

Golden Rule as shared globally, says to see another as you would expect others to see you — in Heart, Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. It is to allow healthy space for each other. Respect each others boundaries. To know when it is time to push on forward and when it is time to step back.

“Moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.” – Epicurus

We all have “free will” — “free choice”, we get to choose our thresholds too. How much to let others power over us, when it is time to be firm, when it is time to speak up etc.

Often, the confusion, the mix up, comes from not knowing the thin fine line between spaces. Not acknowledging these fine boundaries maybe alright for the first time, second time, third time maybe okay, alright maybe one million and thirty-two times maybe okay but the one after that may break the camels back. 

“Wisdom is your perspective on life, your sense of balance, your understanding of how the various parts and principles apply and relate to each other.”- Steven R. Covey

You are a wise being of love, light and balance and everything in between. Honor the balance you deserve.

Inspired Writing by Joy Sagar

Joy Sagar is a SCSCMA Certified Spiritualist Medium, Healer & Teacher. To inquire about his services please visit …

Vision Board – Goal Setting – 2019

NEW Year is around the corner… I will be offering a beautiful, inspiring workshops in December 2018 to set tone to your next Successful Year. You are Welcome to Join!

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October/November 2018

Hello from Joy!

“I’m thankful for a pair of shoes that feel really good on my feet; I like my shoes. I’m thankful for the birds; I feel like they’re singing just for me when I get up in the morning… Saying, ‘Good morning, John. You made it, John.’ I’m thankful for the sea breeze that feels so good right now, and the scent of jasmine when the sun starts going down. I’m thankful…” —  Johnny Cash

There is a life lesson in everything that we experience and everyone is our teacher, was the response I received to one of my questions during a Trance Conversation with The Story Teller. I went hmmm. I recognized moments later as I allowed it to marinate in my thoughts. ALL those have crossed paths with me have allowed me to learn a little bit more about myself. So I extend you all a genuine sincere THANK YOU!

I have been lately saying to thank you to everyone, to everything, for every incident, for every interaction that is happening to me. Just like in above quote from Johnny Cash, I find myself saying gratitude to the jasmine wine that brushes my shoulders as I walk to and fro from my home to my car. I say thank you to little lizards for their beauty. Even spiders as they weave the web. The Sun as it blares heat. To clouds as they appear and disappear. Oh! I feel so blessed when I walk in the rain, oh as a kid I enjoyed rain, throughly and now I say, what a beautiful experience to have been touched by raindrops. When was the last time you enjoyed getting drenched with raindrops???

Simple little things fill me up with gratitude. I express gratitude to The Infinite Spirit.

Joy Sagar

I have enjoyed participating with you in various settings. I am sharing with you my calendar for October & November 2018. If you are able to attend any of these events, I will be very happy to see you.

October 2018

Sunday, October 21
Sunday Service
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Workshop — The Language of Colors from 12PM – 2PM

November 2018

First Saturday of Every Month
November 3 – Meditation in Colby Temple – Doors Open 8 AM – Closes 9:30 AM
November 3 – Healing on the Porch – 10 AM – 12 PM – visit for details

November 14 – ​Guest Medium for Wednesday Night Message Service @ Colby Temple, Cassadaga, FL from 7 PM – 9 PM

November 17 – GALA Day – 10 AM – 4 PM – Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Cassadaga, FL
November 18 – Guest Speaker & Medium @ Chapel of Spiritual Light (1737 Baltimore Dr, Orlando, FL 32810). Service starts at 10 AM
Appointments available for Readings // Available during weekdays from 4pm onwards until 7pm // Weekends by Appointment :: CALL for APPOINTMENTS NOW!!! // Call/Text 386.479.5225 NOW to make Reservations. 

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Manifest YOUR Dreams, Vision Board PlayShop!

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Info: Manifest YOUR Dreams workshop is designed to understand the “Natural & Spiritual Laws” that make our dreams come to life. Learn tools and tips in a fun and hands on way to keep your dreams energized and convert into reality. You will leave this workshop with renewed & refreshed perspective and a vision board that will allow you to stay on top of your dreams.

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My Best to you!
Spirit led straight from the Heart,
Joy Sagar
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Natural Law of Cycles!

From my lens…
A grateful heart, always.
The soul sings, praises.
The abundance exists, for all.
Choices, choices, and choices.
Listen, listen, turn and tune in.
All fails slowly appear to win.
Physical or Non-Physical.
Infinite and everything.
Makes my soul sing.
Always, a grateful heart.
written by – Joy Sagar

How goes it? Life is Good. All is well. As you think, you become. all these wonderful phrases mean nothing if you don’t follow them through. with action based steps.

I would have missed some of these photographs if I did not listen to the nudge that said, turn here, look here, look up, take your glasses off, look with your inner eyes. We all have these beautiful moments. We all have these opportunities. We have such beauty all around us.
Natural Law of Cycles, expresses, the intent of nature in its entirety. Nothing will ever remain the same. Movement, change, evolvement whatever term fits you, one must change, change for a wholesome growth. Life never stops its rhythm, always moving and always in forward motion.
What about you? How well do you align yourself with the natural laws and spiritual laws?

Joy Sagar

Joy Sagar, is a Spiritualist Medium, Healer, Teacher and Psychic/Intuitive. He is based in Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Cassadaga, FL. He loves to travel and share with passion his interests in Spiritualism, Natural and Spiritual Laws, Psychic and Intuitive Studies and more…. For More Info visit